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This is a picture of one me and one of my really good friends, Cindy Sharp. She really loves Jesus.   These are pictures of us in Nicaragua.  She is an encouragement to many in our student ministry and in our church.  Cindy is battling cancer and it seems like cancer is winning, BUT Cindy remains victorious through her attitude.
Cindy has been my mission trip partner throughout the years.  She has gone with me to Nicaragua, Louisiana, and Peru.  Cindy has a passion for students and for Christ.  I am amazed by her passion for Christ.
I got a chance to sit with Cindy for a while last night.  It was great.  To be sitting with someone about to be in the presence of Jesus(unless healing come here on this earth) was absolutely amazing.  She was taking it all in.  The sounds, the scenery and our conversation.  I am amazed by her faithfulness in the midst of this battle with cancer.  She is suffering well because she is mirroring Christ to those of us who are grieved by what she is going through.
Many of our students have been touched by the life of this modern day hero.  I have had numerous students ask to get an update on her.  She has made a lasting impact and has an incredible legacy.  
She also has a great legacy with the city of Sand Springs.  She has been very active in the community and has made Sand Springs a better place to live.  She has been Jesus to many in the community leaders!  Thank you Cindy for being the hands and feet of Christ.
I grieve because I love Cindy, but I rejoice because she is about to cross the finish line.  I am envious!  
Cindy–you are loved and you have made quite a difference in my life.  You have encouraged me and loved me and my family.  You have treated Sarah and I like your own kids.  Thank you!  I will always cherish our friendship.  Cindy–you are my hero!  
*Tell my dad I said Hi!  His name is Dean–you will absolutely love meeting him!
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