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This Wednesday we start a new series at Revolution that answers the question: What is a relationship with God?  We will be looking primarily at Ephesians 5 about what a relationship with God is all about.
In the Scriptures, the church is referred to as the Bride.  This essentially means that I am a bride.  Yes, me, a male is a bride.  I am the church, therefore, I am the Bride of Christ.

I know it sounds strange, but Jesus is the groom!  His desire is to have a relationship with his bride.  We will take a look at the current condition of the Church, His Bride.  Unfortunately, some Brides have runaway, some have become cold and hard-hearted, while others still maintain that first love for their groom Jesus.

We will then take a look at specific ways to establish a relationship with Jesus and what that looks like.  Our students are going to hear from other adults and students about what their “relationship” with God looks like!  Our prayer during this series is that it will give students some tools to grow passionate about their groom-Jesus!