I Love My Church

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I love my church.  Seriously, I love Ridgeway, specifically, the people of Ridgeway!  Sarah and I have served here at Ridgeway for almost 8 years!  It’s been a tough, but fantastic journey that God has had us on these past 8 years.
To be honest, we haven’t always felt that way about our church!  Yes, I said that! There have been turbulent times that we have gone through, but I wouldn’t trade it now for a second because all that God has taught me.  He’s helped me deal with pride and selfishness issues among other things and I would have never experienced freedom from these areas if I didn’t have a church who challenged me to live for Christ.

Ridgeway is a different kind of church…..we really do seek God and his desire for our lives AND we really do strongly challenge people to follow Jesus.  We have had to wade through the political church mud, but these last few years, we see a freedom and a desire that we haven’t seen elsewhere.

I see it in our students–Sarah and I love you guys!  It’s neat to see you become “pastors” alongside of us to minister and help feed the flock!  I am pumped about what God has ahead of us!

On Wednesday nights, we are going through a series called I love my church and challenging students in the area of evangelism, serving, and discipleship!  It’s been an awesome couple of weeks worshipping!  Join us on Wednesday nights at Revolution from 6:30-8 p.m.

Again, I love my church!


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