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Giving 2% to change 98%

Posted: June 3, 2011 in missions

I get questions all the time about my philosophy on missions.  I get questions like, “Why do you need to go overseas or to another state to do missions….why not here?”  OR “Why in the world do you stress missions/serving so much”.

I love the way David Platt puts it in his book, “Radical Together”, “Giving 2% of our time in another context ends up radically changing 98% of our time in our community…..time overseas or in another context  transforms our time across from the street.”

For those who ask, “Why can’t you just do evangelism here?, I respond usually in two ways: 1)We do–through ministry at school, Shannon Valley, etc.  2)I ask them, “When’s the last time you shared the Gospel with your neighbor?” (Not when’s the last time you did a random act of kindness, but when was the last time you really shared the Gospel with your neighbor).  Usually, I get the response of , “Oh”.

I don’t say this to beat anyone down, but the reality is if I can get a student or adult out of their environment long enough to see God do amazing things, God will change the rest of their lives. I have to admit, I do have a selfish motive for encouraging students to go on the mission field–yes, I want people’s lives to be saved, but I want our students lives to be saved from a cultural Christianity that plagues 95% of all believers in the states.

Is it always successful?  No, and one of the main reasons is because when students come back home, Christ is nowhere on the radar in that home OR they continue to hang around the same influences that caused them to live a passionless life.  This is why students and parents need to experience the Gospel in another context.

I am pumped about our students and adults going on the mission field because I know Jesus is going to change their lives and He is going to use them to change other people’s lives.  I see it over and over again!  As Francis Chan said, “I don’t go to the mission field because I am godly, but because I am ungodly–I need Jesus to transform my life and sometimes I am too much in my little world that Jesus gets drowned out.”

My question for you: Will you give 2%(about a week or two) so 98% will be changed?  Will you give time to share the Gospel this summer because I guarantee you, God will change 100% of you. You may not be able to go to Peru or Egypt, but what if you took your family on a Friday night, Saturday, and skip church on Sunday to go and share the Gospel in another context locally or statewide? 

Joplin(Contact Tamara Swinson on helping and check out Pioneer Warehouse)
Shannon Valley(see me or Jennifer)
Feeding the Homeless DownTown Tulsa(see Jennifer Grant)
Take your family to Voice of the Martyrs and see if you can help mail all of their literature
Take your family and clean up someone’s yard with no strings attached and let them know Jesus loves them(and share the Gospel with them)
Participate in our LIT Mission Trip-July 14-17(see Megan Dobrinski)
Go to Mission Arlington with us June 5-10