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Great Idea for Parents of Teenagers!

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Parenting
Hey Parents!  Here is a great idea for you to consider asyour children pass from being children to young adults. It’s called Welcome toManhood/Womanhood Meal. 

Depending on timing, when yourteenager nears their 14th or 15th  birthday, invite 8-10 men/women who have had asignificant role in their lives to dinner. Each man writes a one-page challenge to your son/daughter and presents themwith a memento of manhood/womanhood. After dinner, every many shares a challenge.  Some offer a personal life-lesson.  Others define biblicalmanhood/womanhood.  A few encourage ordiscourage certain character traits. 

To close the evening, have themen/women pray over him/her.   Achallenge for the men/women in that circle is to say, “If anything should everhappen to your father, you will never be alone. We wil watch your life and fill in any gaps that may be caused by theloss of your dad/mom.”  In closing, sharewith them, “When you sat down in this chair, you may have considered yourselfto be a boy, but when you stand up, the rest of us are going to treat you likeyou are a man.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see theseManhood Meals and Womanhood Meals speak truth, encouragement, and godlinessinto the lives of our children?  Moms andDads, if you are interested in putting this together and you need any help,please let me know!

(by Scott Kindig….MORF Magazine) 

God’s Faithfulness

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
This picture really says it all about God’s faithfulness to us as a family.  (Check out the cross—I had no idea of the cross until someone pointed it out to me later in the picture)  Judah Daniel entered this world on December 16 at 4:05 p.m.  (Hence the reason why I haven’t posted much lately)
Judah had to go to the NICU for six days to help his lungs get stronger.  His oxygen levels were low and he was breathing at too high of a pace, so they put him in NICU.  Sarah and I are forever grateful for the NICU nurses who ministered to Judah.
It was a stressful time for us because this was the first of our five kids who had an extended stay in the hospital.  It literally freaked us out when we heard he was going to have to go to the NICU, but we again are grateful that the doctors made that call!
I wanted to share with you my journal that I wrote during the course of that week while we were in the hospital.  The whole thing showed God’s faithfulness and we are forever grateful!
     “This week we welcomed Judah Daniel Lehew into the world.  Judah Daniel–we prayed for him even before he was conceived.
After having Elijah, I thought we were done having kids.  About four years ago, my wife and I read through a book called “Family Driven Faith” by Voddie Baucham.  Reading that book started the ball rolling in God revealing to us that we were to have more kids.  
     Sarah, since having Elijah, had a strong desire to have more kids and for a period of two years would weep at the thought of no more kids.  (I got “fixed” after having Elijah).
     My wife, a Proverbs 31 woman, and respecter of her husband, faithfully prayed for me because she already knew what God wanted, but it took me a while to catch on to God’s plan.
     I don’t remember when or where, but God revealed to me that we weren’t complete.  I saw the desire of Sarah’s heart and it hurt to see her carry that burden so…..
     In January of 2010, I went into surgery and had Humpty Dumpty put back together again.   Since that time, we had two miscarriages which have been difficult, but God has still been faithful.
     Now, we have Judah Daniel Lehew.  All of our kids have names with significance.  Hannah Ruth, Noah Michael, Grace Miah, Elijah Caedmon.  We didn’t want just any name or the fad of the year name.  We wanted our children’s names to have meat and definition to who they are, so we prayed intentionally for God to reveal His name for them.
     JUDAH–literally means to praise or Give thanks or LET GOD BE PRAISED, (I literally found this out as I was writing in my journal–what are the odds?)  So, Judah is a reminder of HIS faithfulness to us and reminds us to be thankful!  How awesome is that?
     DANIEL–named after and in honor of my nephew, Daniel, who lost his battle with cancer.  Daniel was a fighter who loved life.  I also admire his parents and their kids–Bobby, Audra, Joshua, Caleb, Anabel, and Jonathon–a great family with a great example of endurance.
     I want my son to testify to these two names.  I want my son to be a man of God like Daniel in the Bible who didn’t blend in with the crowd, but stood alone for his faith.  I pray he will shut the mouths of lions and allow Jesus to be made famous through him.” 
All I can say after this past month is “Praise God”!  I am reminded by what was once said to me, “My obedience doesn’t guarantee the results that I want.”  This has been true to a degree.  The path that God has had us on in the past few years isn’t necessarily what I thought it would look like with the different challenges that we faced(which included miscarriages), but I wouldn’t trade the path for anything.  In the end, God proved His faithfulness to us through a 6 lb. 2 oz miracle: Judah Daniel Lehew!