Great Idea for Parents of Teenagers!

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Parenting
Hey Parents!  Here is a great idea for you to consider asyour children pass from being children to young adults. It’s called Welcome toManhood/Womanhood Meal. 

Depending on timing, when yourteenager nears their 14th or 15th  birthday, invite 8-10 men/women who have had asignificant role in their lives to dinner. Each man writes a one-page challenge to your son/daughter and presents themwith a memento of manhood/womanhood. After dinner, every many shares a challenge.  Some offer a personal life-lesson.  Others define biblicalmanhood/womanhood.  A few encourage ordiscourage certain character traits. 

To close the evening, have themen/women pray over him/her.   Achallenge for the men/women in that circle is to say, “If anything should everhappen to your father, you will never be alone. We wil watch your life and fill in any gaps that may be caused by theloss of your dad/mom.”  In closing, sharewith them, “When you sat down in this chair, you may have considered yourselfto be a boy, but when you stand up, the rest of us are going to treat you likeyou are a man.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see theseManhood Meals and Womanhood Meals speak truth, encouragement, and godlinessinto the lives of our children?  Moms andDads, if you are interested in putting this together and you need any help,please let me know!

(by Scott Kindig….MORF Magazine) 

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