Celebrating Another Milestone: Purity Ring for My Daughter

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week, I got to celebrate two Milestones in the life of our family.  The first was my boys’ baptism(written on an earlier post).

The second was giving my daughter, Hannah, her purity ring.

All I can say is “WOW!”

What an awesome moment as I got a chance to not only give her a ring, but I got a chance to speak some truth and encouragement into her life.  Dad’s this is one of the greatest things that we can do for them especially as they enter into the teen years.

I took Hannah out to a nice dinner and I allowed her to choose where we went.  She chose Zio’s(she is so much like her mom 🙂  After eating too much, I read to Hannah the letter I had spent some time writing for her and to her.

Talk about emotional!

After reading the letter, I placed the ring on her left hand and told her/challenged her that this ring is only to be taken off when your husband takes it off and places his ring on your hand.  As she sees that ring on a daily basis, it is a reminder for her to pray for her future husband and it also is a reminder that God has in store for her HIS BEST!  She doesn’t have to go prancing around trying to find or settle for second, but know that God knows already the person He has for her.

For the dad’s reading this, I would strongly do something like this for your daughter.  We are the protectors of our daughters (AND SONS) and we are to protect their purity.  I find it ironic that we will as dads quickly hand of our children to someone who has no similar values as we do.  DADS: WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PURITY OF OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS!  We cannot just hope that they figure all of this out!  And we cannot let Punks come in and destroy in days or weeks or months, what effort we as parents have put into our children for 13-14 years!  (OK…I am getting off of my soapbox).

To recap….what a great evening.  An opportunity to invest into the life of my daughter.  She is an amazing young lady who loves Jesus!  I am looking forward to see how God continues to mold her!

Hannah….I Love You!

Love, Dad

  1. neeta3 says:

    Can I ask where the ring is from? I really want to get one.

  2. neeta3 says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Kyla Bullers says:

    Thanks for sharing! Our daughter is turning 12 & I think it’s a good time to give her one. Many girls are already sexually active at this age…

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