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This video from Mark Driscoll is a humble reminder for every pastor or church leader….those who really want to give their best for the Kingdom, those who want to make it “Big” in the church world and for those in the church who expect too much from their church leadership.

This is a very convicting video because as a pastor it has always been somewhat difficult to balance ministry and life.  I feel guilty when I should be “giving more time” to the church and  overwhelmingly guilty when I allow the church to be my idol rather than God and in turn the church becomes my mistress.  When this happens, my family misses out.

You will be surprised by the perceived “Giants in Ministry” and what their outward ministry compared to their family ministry looked like. By Giants in Ministry I am talking about C.T. Studd, William Carey and others…great men who did great things for God yet in the end the question was whether or not their family knew God.

I must say though that where I am currently serving, I feel I am able to balance both and my pastor allows me and reminds me to keep my family balanced, but this video is a great reminder for me as a pastor.

A humble reminder that we are mere men and we are not God.  God doesn’t need me, but he wants me and desires to use me.

So the question to you and me is, “Who are we really worshipping?”

Please click on the link below to view the video……

Mark Driscoll The Priority of Ministry and Family