Our Eyes Will be Glued to www.awestar.org

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized


What a great picture of a great team!

We dropped Hannah off on Sunday at Dallas Christian College for her mission trip with Awestar to Venezuela!

Was it tough?  Definitely, but wow, what a great opportunity for her.  She is in great hands with Kenny and Whitney and Craig and Karen leading the team!

Sarah and I are thrilled for her to see how she grows in Christ.  Needless to say–our eyes will be glued to http://www.awestar.org to see the updates and pictures of her and her team.  Will you join us in praying for her and her team?  You can see regular updates at http://www.awestar.org/venezuelatu2012/

Latest post from tonight:

Thank you for your prayers!  We saw God answer them by bringing us a cloudy afternoon and holding off the rain while we practiced the drama.  It was such a blessing!  The students are doing very well in learning their roles, and they have had good attitudes.  Tomorrow we will finish up with a full day of drama training, so please continue to pray for our attitudes and memories as we finish sharpening this tool we will be using.

This morning we went through some teaching, and we were reminded that in order to continue with a sense of awe, we need to be in the Word daily, praying, fellowshiping, and worshiping.   As a team and as individuals, we will strive for this on a daily basis.

Our time here at Awe Star University is drawing to a close, as we will be flying out to Venezuela on Thursday.  Please continue to pray for our unity as we get to know one another and grow together in our walks with Christ.

Your Country Coordinators,

Kenny & Whitney

You can also check out the updates from the Peru team http://www.awestar.org/perutu2012/ and the Cambodia team as well.  We have two students from our church, Danielle Dobrinski and Nick Teague who are two of the four leading the Cambodia team http://www.awestar.org/cambodiatu2012/


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