Hannah In Venezuela Update

Posted: June 26, 2012 in missions



Here’s the latest from Hannah and her team and a picture of the team having some down time in the pool!

Hello from Guanare!  We have moved cities yet again, and we will be working here in Guanare, the hometown of our contact, Pastor Jorge, for about a week. 

Our time in Barinas ended well.  On Sunday, the leaders had the opportunity to preach in different churches.  The Venezuelan churches are very welcoming, as they enthusiastically receive us as part of their own.  In the afternoon, we worked with the Light of the World Church.  They had planned for us to present the drama in a cancha, but it rained all afternoon, and when it rains in Barinas, no one comes outside.  After spending time in our MOM and POP groups, we set up to do the drama in the church, because one teenage boy had shown up to see the performance. The church thought we were crazy to perform for only one, but we knew that this boy matters to God, so he matters to us.  After the drama, one of our students had the opportunity to converse with him, and the boy shared how he had used to attend church but had quit.  When he heard about this drama group, though, he thought he would give it another shot, and as a result, he recommitted his life to Christ. 

Monday brought us to a school.  We had back to back performances during first the junior high and then the high school recesses.   The high school students were very attentive, and responded well when our students went to minister to them.  Even though some may have gone through the motions because their friends were doing it, our students recognized the fact that it was exciting that the church had information to be able to follow up with them and tell them more about Jesus, no matter what their decision may have been.

We were also able to return to a plaza we had been at earlier in the week, Plaza del Estudiantes.  This drama was not on the schedule originally, but with some extra time on our hands, we knew we needed to be busy about His work.  Even though our contacts had not scheduled this drama, God had.  As the students went out to minister, a man walked up to a group, and one of our students began to share with him about Jesus.  The student spoke very quickly because the student was afraid the man would walk away since he seemed to be in a hurry.  He did not rush away, though, but stayed and heard the Gospel and received it.  He was very eager to get plugged into a church, so the students introduced him to the pastor we were working with, and he gave him the church’s information. 

This afternoon, we are resting and enjoying some time of fellowship.  This evening we will be having some corporate worship and then teaching.  Please pray that the students will receive what God is saying to them with open hearts.  Please pray that in the midst of continuing to minister through the drama that the reality of what Christ has done through us will be fresh in our minds.   Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you for praying for Hannah!  For more updates, please check out http://www.awestar.org and click on trip updates!



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