Update on Hannah in Venezuela–13 more days!

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hannah with some of her Venezuelan friends

(We got a chance to talk to Hannah by phone tonight–she is half way through her mission trip in Venezuela!  We are so proud of her!)

El Amor de Dios (The Love of God) is the church we worked with today.  They had a whole team of people who traveled with us to the different ministry sites.  The Venezuelans are so giving; they continually bless us.  It is a privilege to be here working with them.

Several of the sites we went to today were schools.  When we were at the second school, one of our ladies was ministering to a group of students.  As she was speaking, she was reflecting upon when she came to know Christ as a small child.  Her thoughts traveled back to how her mom was talking to her, and she asked a simple question, and as a result of that conversation, she came to Christ.  As she was sharing this morning with the students, one of them asked a simple question, and as a result, a group of children came to know Christ.  She was ecstatic sharing her story because it was as if her story was reproducing.

At the last site, one of our men had the opportunity to share with a couple different men who had seen the drama.  The first of these encounters was with a man on a bike.  As our student approached, the man was willing to converse, but he was not ready to surrender his life to Christ.  Thankful for the seed he had planted, our student moved on to share with another person, this time a police officer.  The police had blocked off the street for us, and this man was one who was guarding the perimeter so that cars were detoured.

As our student shared, the officer began to tell his story.  He used to go to church, but once he became a police officer, his entire life changed, and he quit going to church.  Life as an officer is difficult, and he had never gotten back into church.  He did not want to make a commitment at this time, but our students watched as the battle played out on his face.  It seemed as if he wanted to follow Jesus, but there was something holding him back.  With heavy hearts, they shared this story, moved to tears and prayer for this man.  In the end, though, they realized it was a great opportunity to have, and they continue to pray that someone else will follow along behind them to lead this man to Christ.

Please pray for our work tomorrow.  This is the last day of drama ministry we will have in Guanare.  Sunday we will be in churches, and on Monday we move to another city.  Please pray for fluidity for tomorrow as there are three different churches that we will be working with throughout the day.

You can check out more pictures and updates at http://www.awestar.org/venezuelatu2012/


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