Family iD Workshop is Coming January 25, 26th

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

“To see every successive generation of every family live more fully for God!”

Join us for a great workshop at Foundation Church helping families create their vision/family id! Check out

The cost is $40 per family; $20 for single parent families and $20 for singles.

From Greg Gunn, president/founder, of Family iD Ministries:

“Imagine having kids who will treat each other better than their best friends, teens who take “no” graciously, having positive family identity, family more attractive than negative outside influences in our world today, family devotional times that work, family goal setting, how to train your oldest child to be team captain for other siblings, and much more.”

Your will learn to:

  • “STIR IT UP” – discover God’s multi-generational purpose for your family
  • ‘WRITE IT DOWN” – capture your Family-iD, your family road map, in writing
  • “LIVE IT OUT” – create and implement your core family values into daily living
  • “PASS IT ON” – set the foundation to see each successive generation of your family live more fully for Go

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