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“God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.”

You will read yesterday and today and come across this statement.  This is what the students are taught throughout the summer.  When we say yes to God, he will put the students in situations where they have to learn what the Lord told them to do.  If you read from Peru, they were nervous about going out to share the Gospel, but rather than having a weekend conference on how to share the Gospel, Jesus put them in a situation where they HAD to share the Gospel.

When God calls you to it, he will help you through it.  Pray for our missionaries as the Lord equips them and the opportunities that they will have even if they are not extremely confident, that they will rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.

How about you.  What is God calling you to do?  He will put you in situations to help you in that call.  If you need help or clarification in what your call looks like and how to go about it, please contact me!

Check out for today’s updates and pictures!  God is doing great things!




Pray for the parents of the students that are on the mission trips.  They too have stepped out in faith by allowing their kids to go on these trips.  As one parent from our church said a few years ago, “My child is on loan to me.  He is a gift and I am to steward this gift, so through my obedience, may HIS kingdom increase.  I realized that I as a parent was being selfish by not allowing Him to go, but it has been so worth it!”

Speaking as a parent, I can’t wait to see the updates and see the pictures.  It’s what Sarah and I anticipate each day to see their smiling faces.  Some people ask us as parents who send their kids off on these 35 day mission trips.  Some people think we are crazy.  Here is a link to a post I wrote when my daughter Hannah went to Venezuela for 35 days in 2012.

I am so proud of the parents who have obeyed Jesus.  It doesn’t mean they haven’t been reluctant or are nervous, but they put their YES on the table and watch what the Lord does.

PB&J Challenge


All the teams have arrived!  As you pray today, thank you for safe travel and pray as they start ministry.

Pray for the leaders of the teams.  AweStar has a great method of training up leaders through these mission trips.  Country Coordinators are those who coordinate with the in-country contacts: church planters and pastors.  They help determine schedule and work with the country contacts to secure the locations and make sure all the details of each day are ready to go.  The CC’s also bring the Word each day to the team.  Pray  for the CC’s as they help plan each day and communicate with the country contacts.  Pray for favor.  Pray for wisdom.

The teachings and discipleship that AweStar provides on these teams are deep in the Word.  The Word helps the team be grounded as they go out into the communities.

Team Directors are leaders who direct the team.  They help with the spiritual direction of the team and in tandem with the Country Coordinators (CC’s) help get the students where they need to go.  Pray or the TD’s as they help guide the students and determine what they need through the day: worship, fellowship, the Word, or prayer.

MOMS and POPS are small group leaders.  Students are broken into smaller groups for the opportunity to hold one another accountable, pray with one another, and get in the Word together.  Each day every student has an opportunity to get in the Word and in these small groups they talk about these things.  Pray for the MOMS and POPS as they have the great opportunity to minister to each person on each team.  Pray for these groups to grow in unity and grow in their love for Christ.

As you see, the AweStar has in incredible leadership process.  I am thankful for how they intentionally invest in each person and have a system in building up leaders.  Danielle Dobrinski, who grew up in our church, is one of the country coordinators for Ethiopia.  She started as a student going with AweStar and is now one leading one of the teams.

Click on and click on trip updates and media/photos or updates on the teams.

PB&J Challenge

24/7 missionary. Through the discipleship taught to students on the mission field (which is the best by any mission organization) they are taught to always look for opportunities to share the Gospel and BE the Gospel whether it be in the community they are serving, the airport they are in or as they are in the marketplace. This happened in the airport in the way to Peru. Pray today for opportunities through the drama and as they travel to have the eyes of Christ and look for the seeking soul.

Today, would you also look for the seeking soul and pray that God would give you opportunity to be Christ today and learn how to be on mission 24/7. Check out the trip updates and pictures as you are having lunch and pray over our missionaries– and click on trip updates.

PB&J ChallengeAfter days of preparing spiritually and physically, the AweStar missionaries are heading out to their ministry sites: Peru, Panama, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua.  Please pray for the teams  to encounter people of favor along the way, that God will orchestrate our path, and that He will give protection as we travel.

Click on to check out the trip updates on each team and team pictures.  Thank you for praying!

(Again, regardless if you eat a PB&J today, please take time today to pray over our missionaries.)

PB&J Challenge: Wednesday, June 25

If you have seen the pictures on the Awe Star site, you have seen pictures of the students carrying a cross. Walker Moore and his team took this cross to Mt. Kilimanjaro last year. Fashioned from wood from Panama, the cross was carried/rolled up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Pray for the students as they take up their cross. Pray for them as the Lord reveals to them some things they have to lay down in order to pick up the cross. As one student said, “When carrying the cross, it is impossible to move without first taking into consideration the cross. You cannot just step wherever you want to step.” Read Matthew 16:24 and pray this over the teams. Consider this Scripture for yourself. Is there anything you need to lay down in order to take up the cross? Check out as you eat and pray over the teams. (Regardless if you eat PB&J, commit for the next month to pray for them. We will put a daily guide for you to pray for them. Pray as the Lord leads. You can also post comments on the sites as well to encourage the team.)

PB&J Challenge


PB&J challenge: June 24

A challenge presented from Walker and Chad is that they lay down their adolescence and become adults. Pray for the students as the surrender. Also pray for the teams as they reflect upon what it means to Follow Jesus. For pictures and updates see