PB&J Challenge: Thursday, July 3

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Uncategorized




Click on http://www.awestar.org/blog for full trip updates.

Pray for each of the teams.  The teams pray continually for one another and the salvation of the people.  There is such a spiritual battle as the people see the drama and each person has to choose to follow Christ.  When the students talk to someone and they reject Christ, it is unbearable for our students to hear.  For some of the people, it’s religious tradition that keeps them from following Christ (see Ethiopia team update).  For some, it’s the sway of the world that leads them to reject Christ.  For whatever reason some people decide not to follow Jesus, one thing the students learn on the mission trip is to not give up, but through prayer continue to intercede for those they talk to.

Is there someone in your life that needs Christ?  Do they have yet to follow Christ?  As you pray for the missionaries, pray for those in your circle of influence that need Christ!


Thank you for interceding for the AweStar missionaries!


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