PB&J Challenge: Monday, July 7

Posted: July 7, 2014 in missions


Pray for our Foundation Missionaries that are with Awestar:  Emily just returned from Panama, Hannah is in Ethiopia, Brianna is in Peru and Noah is in Nicaragua.


It is always encouraging when you see students start owning their faith and they take steps of obedience such as these.  Going forth in obedience wasn’t their parents idea, but God’s idea.  God called them to give up and go.  The things of this world that they gave up can never compare to the awe of God that they will experience.  This is why students need to go and get away so they can experience the Awe of God.  When students are consumed with a “ME” mentality, they will never quite learn how to let go and let God for more than a moment, but what the Lord teaches them is that they are to be continually in Awe and surrender to Him.

I would love for my two kids to be with me this summer, but I know that the heart work that God is doing in them is so much more than I could ever do!

Pray for our missionaries that they would be transformed.  Pray if there is anything in the way of that transformation, they would be willing to lay it down.  Pray for strength and boldness.  Pray that they would taste and see that God is good.

www.awestar.org/blog you can find all of the team blogs and pictures—incredible things that God is doing!



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