PB&J Challenge: Tuesday, July 8

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Uncategorized


Some of the teaching students will be receiving this summer is on the Orphan Heart.  Walker Moore, President of AweStar Ministries, has recently wrote a book on this subject called, “Escape the Lie.”  Here’s a synopsis:

“When Jesus told His followers, I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you. (John 14:18), He was referring to an ongoing relationship with a loving Father. But Satan s deceptive tactics block most Christians from the lives God intended. Escape the Lie: Journey to Freedom from the Orphan Heart uses powerful, biblical teaching about the three voices, identity in Christ, and the orphan heart along with compelling true-life examples to help readers identify and renounce the orphan heart s crippling wounds and move into abundant life. Walker Moore provides answers for the deep-seated problem known as the orphan heart. He also discusses the destruction brought by the orphan heart that dupes its unwitting host into a fatherless existence. He crafts a compelling analysis of the relationship God desires to have with each person that would set one free from the lies of Satan. This book consistently points readers toward hope in Christ and the freedom gained by overcoming the pain of our past.”

As you are praying, grab a copy of this book either at http://www.awestar.org, at the Seeds bookstore at Foundation Church or on http://www.amazon.com.  Pray for our students as they gain more traction on the solid foundation of Jesus this summer!  Discipleship is one of the things that sets AweStar apart.


Escape the Lie

Check out stories and pictures of the mission teams at www.awestar.org/blog


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