PB&J Challenge: friday, July 11

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Uncategorized




Your story matters.

How you came to know Christ matters. Check out what happened with the Ethiopia team:

At the end of our drama, one of our students got up and shared his testimony, which included a heartbreaking story of him losing his mother at a young age. After sharing, this same young man felt burdened to go and share the gospel with the aforementioned man and as he started the discussion the man began sharing how his testimony greatly touched his heart due to the fact that he too had lost his parents at a young age and had now been homeless for twenty-two years. Through a moving heart to heart between the two men our homeless friend became our brother in Christ. 

God brings you through circumstances to bring others through similar circumstances.  Who would have thought, even through hard circumstances, that God brought this student all the way to Ethiopia to touch the heart in someone who needed Christ.

Praise God that you have a story.  Do you have a story in how Christ saved you?  Don’t be ashamed to share it!

Pray–you can see the updates and pictures at http://www.awestar.org/blog.


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