I grew up at a boys home called Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch located outside of Amarillo, Texas. My parents were houseparents at the Boys Ranch and it was there that God got a hold of my life. I was sixteen at the time and we were on a chapel choir tour. On one particular evening, we went to a Drug Rehab Center for teenagers and presented the gospel through music. From that presentation, many of those teenagers in that center gave their lives to Christ. I even had an opportunity to lead one of the teenagers to Christ.

Later that evening on our way home back to the Boys Ranch, I was sitting by myself in one of the bus seats and someone had placed a Romans Road Gospel tract on the seat next to me. I had read over that tract and thought about what God just did in the midst of those teenagers at the rehab center and I began to evaluate my own spiritual condition and my past.

As I read over each of those verses, I realized that if I were to die that night, I would not have gone to heaven. Jesus was not the Lord of my life. He was more of a religion. God’s Word pierced my heart and I realized that I was a sinner and I needed God’s forgiveness, so I simply asked Jesus to rescue me and I committed my life wholeheartedly to Him in the summer of 1990.

Today, I am a genuine follower of Christ. Although there are times that I struggle, Jesus has changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined before I knew Him. He has blessed me with a beautiful family. My wife, Sarah, and I have been married eighteen and a half years. We have six awesome children: Hannah, Noah, Grace, Elijah, Judah, and Mercy

For the past 11 1/2 years, I have served as Families Pastor at Foundation Church in Sapulpa, OK.  My hearts cry is to reach the lost in the church and take the Gospel to the corners of our community, nation, and world. We also partner with mobile home communities to bring the love of Christ to through after school programs and small groups with our goal to be planting churches in these communities.


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