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Day of Rest…..throughout many of the posts, you will find that the leaders make sure there is a day of rest each week.  This day of rest isn’t just to rest, but it’s also to get into the Word of God.  That is one of the many things I appreciate about AweStar is the intentionality of being in the Word either through quiet times or group teaching.  Each student has a 35 day journal where they write their thoughts from their quiet times each day and follow along through the outlines in group teaching.

AweStar believes in instilling the importance of God’s Word into the students so that when they get back in the states it’s a natural part of who they are and they learn to feed themselves through the Word.

Pray today for the teams for rest and for the nourishment that comes through God’s Word.  May revival be sparked through the simplicity of rest.   Consider for yourself, are you taking the time to rest??

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PB&J Challenge: Monday, July 7

Posted: July 7, 2014 in missions


Pray for our Foundation Missionaries that are with Awestar:  Emily just returned from Panama, Hannah is in Ethiopia, Brianna is in Peru and Noah is in Nicaragua.


It is always encouraging when you see students start owning their faith and they take steps of obedience such as these.  Going forth in obedience wasn’t their parents idea, but God’s idea.  God called them to give up and go.  The things of this world that they gave up can never compare to the awe of God that they will experience.  This is why students need to go and get away so they can experience the Awe of God.  When students are consumed with a “ME” mentality, they will never quite learn how to let go and let God for more than a moment, but what the Lord teaches them is that they are to be continually in Awe and surrender to Him.

I would love for my two kids to be with me this summer, but I know that the heart work that God is doing in them is so much more than I could ever do!

Pray for our missionaries that they would be transformed.  Pray if there is anything in the way of that transformation, they would be willing to lay it down.  Pray for strength and boldness.  Pray that they would taste and see that God is good. you can find all of the team blogs and pictures—incredible things that God is doing!


No Greater Joy

Posted: July 5, 2014 in godly young men, missions, Parenting

Hannah sharing the Gospel 2014

Noah Nicaragua 2014



As a parent, there is no greater joy that seeing your children share the Gospel.  For Hannah and Noah, it’s something they have longed for.  It started last summer in praying and raising funds for Hannah’s mission trip to Ethiopia and Noah’s trip to Nicaragua.  Sarah and I are so proud of them and are excited what the next steps the Lord has for them!

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Today the 14-day Panama team arrives back in the states.  The experience they just had awaits to be told.  Would you pray for the Panama team as they head back to their churches and communities and share all that God has done.  Pray for the hearts that will receive these testimonies.  Pray for more workers to say yes to sharing the Gospel as a result of what God did in Panama!  Pray for these missionaries to share the same message to the mission fields they are now entering–their homes and their communities.


Check on the latest of what God is doing on all the teams at  Great stories!


Today, there is an update from the Peru Team–check it out at

On trips like these, Jesus brings different people from different places across the United States to a different country, but the one thing that they have in common is their relationship with Christ.  Even in their differences, there is great evidence of what the Bible calls Spiritual Gifts.  It is through opportunities like these that each students gifts come through.  God uses each person to bring a different gift to the team which is an incredible picture of the Church!  Pray as they utilize the gifts that God has given them to lift the name of Jesus high and encourage one another!

Here is a picture of the Nicaragua Team!


“God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.”

You will read yesterday and today and come across this statement.  This is what the students are taught throughout the summer.  When we say yes to God, he will put the students in situations where they have to learn what the Lord told them to do.  If you read from Peru, they were nervous about going out to share the Gospel, but rather than having a weekend conference on how to share the Gospel, Jesus put them in a situation where they HAD to share the Gospel.

When God calls you to it, he will help you through it.  Pray for our missionaries as the Lord equips them and the opportunities that they will have even if they are not extremely confident, that they will rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.

How about you.  What is God calling you to do?  He will put you in situations to help you in that call.  If you need help or clarification in what your call looks like and how to go about it, please contact me!

Check out for today’s updates and pictures!  God is doing great things!

PB&J Challenge

24/7 missionary. Through the discipleship taught to students on the mission field (which is the best by any mission organization) they are taught to always look for opportunities to share the Gospel and BE the Gospel whether it be in the community they are serving, the airport they are in or as they are in the marketplace. This happened in the airport in the way to Peru. Pray today for opportunities through the drama and as they travel to have the eyes of Christ and look for the seeking soul.

Today, would you also look for the seeking soul and pray that God would give you opportunity to be Christ today and learn how to be on mission 24/7. Check out the trip updates and pictures as you are having lunch and pray over our missionaries– and click on trip updates.