Day of Rest…..throughout many of the posts, you will find that the leaders make sure there is a day of rest each week.  This day of rest isn’t just to rest, but it’s also to get into the Word of God.  That is one of the many things I appreciate about AweStar is the intentionality of being in the Word either through quiet times or group teaching.  Each student has a 35 day journal where they write their thoughts from their quiet times each day and follow along through the outlines in group teaching.

AweStar believes in instilling the importance of God’s Word into the students so that when they get back in the states it’s a natural part of who they are and they learn to feed themselves through the Word.

Pray today for the teams for rest and for the nourishment that comes through God’s Word.  May revival be sparked through the simplicity of rest.   Consider for yourself, are you taking the time to rest??

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Your story matters.

How you came to know Christ matters. Check out what happened with the Ethiopia team:

At the end of our drama, one of our students got up and shared his testimony, which included a heartbreaking story of him losing his mother at a young age. After sharing, this same young man felt burdened to go and share the gospel with the aforementioned man and as he started the discussion the man began sharing how his testimony greatly touched his heart due to the fact that he too had lost his parents at a young age and had now been homeless for twenty-two years. Through a moving heart to heart between the two men our homeless friend became our brother in Christ. 

God brings you through circumstances to bring others through similar circumstances.  Who would have thought, even through hard circumstances, that God brought this student all the way to Ethiopia to touch the heart in someone who needed Christ.

Praise God that you have a story.  Do you have a story in how Christ saved you?  Don’t be ashamed to share it!

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Through the Freedom Drama, the Lord draws people to himself.  The language barriers themselves cannot stop the movement of God.  The students get an opportunity to experience the same power that raised Christ from the dead over 2000 years ago.  When a person, dead in their sin, come to know Christ, they are raised to new life in Christ.  How awesome is it that our students will get an opportunity to see that happen hundreds of times this summer.

Question for you: Has the salvation of souls become dull to you?  When is the last time you experienced the same power that raised Christ from the dead by sharing the Gospel and seeing the dead raised to life as a result of trusting in Him.  Pray for God to restore the joy of His salvation to your life.  Ask God to bring people in your life today that needs Jesus’ healing touch!

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Some of the teaching students will be receiving this summer is on the Orphan Heart.  Walker Moore, President of AweStar Ministries, has recently wrote a book on this subject called, “Escape the Lie.”  Here’s a synopsis:

“When Jesus told His followers, I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you. (John 14:18), He was referring to an ongoing relationship with a loving Father. But Satan s deceptive tactics block most Christians from the lives God intended. Escape the Lie: Journey to Freedom from the Orphan Heart uses powerful, biblical teaching about the three voices, identity in Christ, and the orphan heart along with compelling true-life examples to help readers identify and renounce the orphan heart s crippling wounds and move into abundant life. Walker Moore provides answers for the deep-seated problem known as the orphan heart. He also discusses the destruction brought by the orphan heart that dupes its unwitting host into a fatherless existence. He crafts a compelling analysis of the relationship God desires to have with each person that would set one free from the lies of Satan. This book consistently points readers toward hope in Christ and the freedom gained by overcoming the pain of our past.”

As you are praying, grab a copy of this book either at http://www.awestar.org, at the Seeds bookstore at Foundation Church or on http://www.amazon.com.  Pray for our students as they gain more traction on the solid foundation of Jesus this summer!  Discipleship is one of the things that sets AweStar apart.


Escape the Lie

Check out stories and pictures of the mission teams at www.awestar.org/blog


The video is too long to show in the service, but man….so powerful!  One of my favorite preachers!  Prepare yourself for what the Lord wants to do in your life!  He has a Word for you!

PB&J Challenge: Monday, July 7

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Pray for our Foundation Missionaries that are with Awestar:  Emily just returned from Panama, Hannah is in Ethiopia, Brianna is in Peru and Noah is in Nicaragua.


It is always encouraging when you see students start owning their faith and they take steps of obedience such as these.  Going forth in obedience wasn’t their parents idea, but God’s idea.  God called them to give up and go.  The things of this world that they gave up can never compare to the awe of God that they will experience.  This is why students need to go and get away so they can experience the Awe of God.  When students are consumed with a “ME” mentality, they will never quite learn how to let go and let God for more than a moment, but what the Lord teaches them is that they are to be continually in Awe and surrender to Him.

I would love for my two kids to be with me this summer, but I know that the heart work that God is doing in them is so much more than I could ever do!

Pray for our missionaries that they would be transformed.  Pray if there is anything in the way of that transformation, they would be willing to lay it down.  Pray for strength and boldness.  Pray that they would taste and see that God is good.

www.awestar.org/blog you can find all of the team blogs and pictures—incredible things that God is doing!


No Greater Joy

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Hannah sharing the Gospel 2014

Noah Nicaragua 2014



As a parent, there is no greater joy that seeing your children share the Gospel.  For Hannah and Noah, it’s something they have longed for.  It started last summer in praying and raising funds for Hannah’s mission trip to Ethiopia and Noah’s trip to Nicaragua.  Sarah and I are so proud of them and are excited what the next steps the Lord has for them!

If you are interested in going with them on their next Awestar journey, check out http://www.awestar.org.